SoftFocus offers services which help to establish, grow, and support your business in the UK. We add value by ensuring your channel partners work much harder for you. Below are a range of services we can offer your business.

Channel Management

If you have an existing channel with products listed with both distributors and resellers, we can manage this on your behalf rather than you trying to do so remotely. We strive to become the face of your products, brand and company, focusing on driving and exploiting sales opportunities. We recognise that distributors may be more inclined to focus on the 'larger' brands within their portfolio and we help to ease the pressure on them by focusing on your products. In this way we can secure the promotions you need to increase visibility of your product in the marketplace.

Channel Development

If you are currently working with a small channel partner, they may not have the contacts to get your products promoted in the large retailers such as Dixon's, Amazon, Comet, Staples or Costco amongst others but SoftFocus will work with your existing channel partner to facilitate the sales process and raise the profile of your products and business with the key retailers. Understanding what you are trying to achieve will enable SoftFocus to develop new partners, different routes-to-market or ensure your current partners are working much harder on your behalf. We will then manage your channel in a highly focused manner to optimise every possible business opportunity.

Channel Set-up/Creation

Setting up a channel of partners from scratch can often be challenging especially when trying to do this remotely. The SoftFocus team is experienced in creating new channels utilising our extensive market knowledge and experience to identify opportunities that achieve results quickly. We have developed in-depth channel relationships with distributors, retailers and resellers enabling us to create the optimal combination of channel resellers that best suits your products and maximise your sales.

Product Promotions

In a highly competitive industry we recognise the importance of having a face to face presence ensuring your products are in front of the customer and being promoted effectively. We are located near London with access to all the major retailers to meet regularly and be on site within short timescales.

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